ALS is one of the most devastating diseases of all time. Let's help the brilliant people working to find the cure.


Our mission is to empower the team of genius doctors and scientists who are accelerating ALS research.

This fund specifically raises money for the ALS Hope Foundation, which supports the MDA/ALS Center of Hope and the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory at Temple University.

The ALS Hope Foundation is leading the way to a cure. With our support, their potential to save the lives of the generations affected by ALS is unlimited.

Why The ALS Genius Fund?

It is impossible to meet the team at the MDA/ALS Center of Hope and not be inspired to help. Their passion for finding the cure and their level of care and compassion are not only an inspiration but an indication that they are making incredible strides.

The founders of The ALS Genius Fund are an ALS family. Most of the time ALS is “sporadic”, which means the person with the disease is the only one in their family. In our case with “familial ALS”, we have an autosomal dominant gene that means each person in our family with the genetic mutation that causes ALS has a 50% chance of passing that gene to each of their children. This GENE affects every GENEration of our family and we will not stop raising funds for ALS Geniuses until there is a cure.

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